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peroxidespike's Journal

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Community for all Spike and James Marsters fans. Here you can post news, fan sightings, character development, absurd dreams, pictures - basically anything related to Spike and James Marsters.

RULES (modified version of sexandthecity's)

1. Not everyone gets to see new episodes at the same time, so make sure to hide any spoilers behind the lj-cut tag.

2. Please don't post surveys or quizzes, as they are usually followed up by another 100, which floods the community. Save that sort of thing for your own LiveJournal.

3. Be nice towards others. Flames are not going to be tolerated and will be deleted immediately.

4. Please try to use proper spelling and grammar. English may not be the first language of other readers. Netspeak, slang and abbreviations can make communication very difficult, so go easy.

Community maintained by _irresistible_

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